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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 22, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> and if you are hungry, this recipe. wow. >> no breakfast. >> put an egg on top, that would be good. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: good morning, everybody. we are waiting for the next step in health care. they will unveil a draft of the bill to replace obamacare, details may put the entire effort in jeopardy. good morning, i am bill hemmer. >> i am shannon. closed-door meeting this mornin morning, majority leader mitch mcconnell says they plan to vote on a final bill by the fourth of july. >> bill: meanwhile, donald trump back in his element, holding a rally in iow iowa. speaking with supporters, taking aim at obamacare. >> it's over, and there's
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nothing to compare what we are doing. i think, i hope the republican senate -- if we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the history of the world, we would not get one democrat vote because they are obstructionist. if we had even a little democrat support, just a little bit, like a couple of oath, you maybe. and you could give us a lot of the votes, and we would even be willing to change it and move it around and make it even better. but even better. >> shannon: we are life on capitol hill. good morning, peter, what can you tell us? >> shannon, as of now, it looks like the bill is going to be more moderate than the house version. the senate bill that nobody has seen yet that was written by a very small group, apparently took more medicaid money as part of the affordable care act, and
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it would aim to give a lower income americans more money for their health care, but beyond that, we are told the details can keep changing for the next half an hour or so, and republican senators are finally free of the long-awaited plan, which we do expect to have a price taker, calculated by the congressional budget office, sometime tomorrow or monday at the latest. shannon. >> shannon: all right, so-so peter, how much work did majority leader mitch mcconnell have to do? >> a lot of work it, shannon. mike pence come here and break a 50/50 tie, the majority leader mitch mcconnell can only afford to lose to republican senators, but right now, there are a to say they are skeptical about what this plan may try to do. they are senators ted cruz, mike lee, lisa michalski, rob portman, susan collins, and rand paul. i have spoken today to a staffer
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who tells me that president trump reached out to the kentucky senator with a friendly call to see if there was anyway to get him off the fence and closer to supporting this bill that is coming from the senate leaders and not from the white house, even joking that the two of them may need to go play golf together soon. but senator paul did not make any chances to president trump speaking to the challenges facing g.o.p. leaders now as they try to repeal obamacare and replace it with something else in the next couple of weeks. shannon. >> shannon: all right, peter live on the hill. thank you. >> bill: editor for, good morning. >> good morning. >> bill: how come? >> president trump campaigned on repealing obamacare, but he only campaigned once. republicans have been campaigning and election after election about how they are going to repeal obamacare, i think it is important to point
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out that the senate version of the bill that we are going to see in just a few hours isn't going to be a full repeal of obamacare, the house was not a full repeal, and even the house freedom caucus, the most conservative caucus admitted as much. it will probably keep many of the popular parts of obamacare, despite them being very few, conditions for example of keeping your children on your insurance until you're 26, but also probably going to have things like repealing the medical tax, which is something that republicans and democrats can both get on board with. >> bill: so you say not a full repeal. i don't know how that flies in the end. >> right. >> bill: but do you think based on what you've learned so far that this is something that can get the votes? >> even if it gets to 50 votes with the eight senators who are very skeptical, it still has a very long way to go. it has to go back to the house, they have to decide if they are going to vote on the senate bill that they get or if they will eventually start over, something
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to send to the present stuff. so the senate wants to vote on this early next week before the july 4th recess, the goal is to get obamacare appeared and to president trump by august, the timeline here in terms of the number of days that congress has, and less they decide to work through the august recess, which has been put on the table as option, are very, very limited, so if they get to 50, they still have a long way to go. >> bill: we should argue 51. big topic last night was the victory in south carolina, the presence of this about that. >> the truth is people love us, all of us. they love us. they don't get it. they haven't figured it out yet. >> bill: interesting commentary right there. with regard to that, how do democrats interpret this now? there are numerous stories being written overnight that nancy pelosi is in trouble, and they need new leadership. what a psycho? >> well, as we have seen, with
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the fallout out of the 2016 presidential old election, the democrat party is in a very tough place right now, and they are having a lot of trouble deciding if they are going to run candidates who are very far left or more in the middle as moderates, and nancy pelosi is being held responsible for the thousand plus seats across the country at the local and federal level that were lost by democrats to republicans under her leadership. she of course was the speaker of the house, now she is the minority leader, i don't know she will ever go away because she does have that power it, and there are a lot of congressmen and women in the house who are upset about those losses, but they still are very close to nancy pelosi. they're going to have to make a choice about if they want to back up the establishments were try to do something new to start winning elections again. >> bill: 10:45 a.m. eastern time, so when that happens, we will bring the life to her viewers. it will be interesting, no matter what she says or how she characterizes it. thank you, katie.
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out of washington, d.c., thank you. >> shannon: meanwhile, another headline from last night, president trump also calling for new policy regarding government assistance for immigrants. >> i believe the time has come for new immigration rules, which say that those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years. we will putting in legislation to that effect very shortly. >> shannon: live at the white house for more on this. good morning, lee lynch. >> good morning to you, shannon on this friday, as is to the controversial list of to do for congress by this white house. and certainly, things have moved through congress much slower at a much higher political price than this white house ever wanted, here's a look how to do this as it stands right now this year.
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obamacare repeal replaces tax reform infrastructure all while dealing with the budget and the dead sometime within the next few months. unclear where this latest proposal to restrict federal funds for immigrant families would end up. the white house had originally thought about doing this as an executive order, but now says they want to go to congress. in their budget proposal a couple of weeks ago, the white house cited this study from the center for immigrant studies, showing that 51% of households headed by an immigrant's are using some form of public assistance, compared to 30% among nonimmigrant families. essentially, the white house is saying their proposal would be a beefier version of a 1996 law enacted by president clinton and then rolled back by the obama and bush administration, that study is widely criticized for missing some of the nuances of immigrant families.
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now comes the issue of congress. are they willing to spend political capital on a proposal like this one they already have so much to do from this white house and clearly have faced some new challenges in getting it done, no matter how popular it was one president trump and elsie yesterday? >> shannon: all right, thank you, lee lynch. >> bill: very entertaining last night and i will. lot of news may too. i have the sense that he was in a very good mood coming off the georgia results. >> shannon: absolutely. and he feeds off the crowd. he is in his elements that he loves to camping. >> bill: everyone was having a good time. there is also a somber moment, president trump expressing condolences for the family of otto warmbier. >> look at 39. beautiful otto. he went over there healthy, wonderful. a boy, and do you see how he came back.
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>> bill: otto warmbier's family is saying their final good-bye at this moment. the funeral service today and north korea continues to -- so what should be our next move? osborne committee's chair ed royce is on deck to explain all that. plus there is this. >> democrats have this russian concussion, and they have lost their muscle memory to be able to function. >> kellyanne conway says the russian investigation is a way to take down the president. there was no election meddling at the box, did he make your point? our paneling debates. >> bill: keep an eye on this tropical storm, torrential winds and rain, the latest on the damage, under threat today. in a moment you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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new charmin ultra soft is softer than ever so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird enjoy the go with charmin >> shannon: new developments and that london high-rise fire responsible for the death knell of at least 79 people. the u.k. government now revealing that an estimated 600 buildings in england have similar similarities to the tower. that material played a significant role when they tire spreads. that estimate does include scotland, wales, and northern england. >> you look at north korea, look
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at otto. a beautiful otto. he went over there a healthy, wonderful boy. and you see how he came back. you see how he came back. so we've been given a bad hand, but we are going to take that bet hand, and it will all be good, in addition to that, we are going to start taking care of our country. >> bill: from last night in iowa, otto warmbier, the american citizen who died earlier in the week now after being imprisoned for more than a year and north korea, his service starts in an hour. where he graduated from high school only four years ago, regime is continuing to amass materials at a known nuclear testing sites, california republican ed royce is my guest now. answer, good morning to you. i know your heart goes out to the warm beer family at this hour, especially on a day like today.
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what can we say about the expansion of north korea's texting, i could testing sites? how much we really know? >> ed: we know that with every spare dollar and currency that they could get, and one of the real questions is is it time to cut off all of that hard currency that goes into the resume? the answer is yes. you know, otto's father was right. this is such a horrible tragedy and, in the way that he was treated, but people are increasingly enticed into coming to north korea to visit north korea, we've got to put an end to that, and i have legislation in the senate right now, 419 to one that will block any revenues coming into north korea from their illicit activities like the use of indentured servitude of workers
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that they send overseas, and then the check is not paid to the workers, it goes to the regime and then right into nuclear weapons programs. that has to be shut on right no now. we can do that, the senate must act on that immediately. >> bill: what is the hold up in the senate, sir? >> senator royce: you know, it has been in the senate for over a month. my observation would be that now that we have seen north korea, now that we have seen that they have tortured otto preparing the site potentially for another nuclear testing site, no more than ever is the time to send the message that we are going to cut off their capability, that program cost him about $1.7 billion a year, they make over a billion dollars just from sending their workers overseas to these countries which pay the regime in north korea.
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>> lets put sanctions on that ed and that. >> bill: president trump tweeted this, though we greatly appreciate the efforts of teaching , china tried. what is your reaction to that? >> senator royce: one of the reasons i want to pass this legislation is because it makes it clear that the other countries are going to subsidize north korea. they will be sanctioned by that from the united states, and i can share this with you, bill, if you give a bank in china a choice between doing business with the united states and north korea, it is a choice between being economically viable versus bankruptcy, if they are not doing business with us, they will cut off their business ties with north korea, and that is exactly what did happen in asia, when the sanctions were put years ago on
6:19 am
north korea because they were discovered to be counterfeit $100 u.s. bills, at that point, we sanction them, it shut down their capacity to buy parts for their nuclear weapons program, and the dictator couldn't pay his bills. >> bill: the senate has issues with the house on russia sanctions. has the white house requested of the sanctions on moscow to be watered down? is that true? >> senator royce: i do not know that, what i do know is we are going to move legislation through this house in order to further sanction russia. the original sanctions that i supported these are being passed through the senate, what has happened so far is that the legislation that they -- all revenue bills have to originate in the house, so that is a
6:20 am
change that i think it can be made in the senate. and we will do that. >> bill: sir, will he get done or not? >> senator royce: we have to send this message to moscow. what moscow is doing is not only -- pruden is doing this, not only threatening democracy, but he is trying to break in nato. and the best counter for us is to show that we are going to put additional sanctions on them and the other half of this bill is additional sanctions on iran, which has to happen right now, ballistic missiles in their program, so they can deliver a nuclear weapon in 13 years, all of the controls of iran come off, they are going to have a nuclear weapon, we cannot allow them to come forward with this program. >> bill: so with both russia and iran and has to happen. thank you sir, we are out of time, but thank you for yours.
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>> shannon: we will have more on the subject of north korea and the growing tensions also with russia and syria, coming up in her second hour, dr. sebastian gorka, he is going to join us live. >> bill: also an update on the story, of stabbing a police officer in the next, the latest on that terror investigation, coming up. >> shannon: also why the president's attorney say they are now focusing on the wrong target. >> he takes goes and puts them into his government car into his government's computer into his government desk, if there was an investigation that was going on right now, the investigation should be james call me, comey fg and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager
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>> bill: you quite a moment here. receiving a hero's welcome in washington.
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[cheers and applause] speak out big round of applause. >> bill: congressional women's softball game last night, she is also one of two officers who helped stop a gunman last week. she had extensive restructuring on her leg it, republican congressman steve scalise, has been upgraded to fair condition. good for her. and she did it with vigor. >> shannon: she did. and unlike most of us, she is in a wheelchair, recovering from surgery, she gets it done. well, the investigation of the michigan airport attack, the suspect yelled allahu akbar before stabbing that officer in the neck. >> won the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him, he continued to exclaim allahu, and
6:26 am
he made it a statement, and we are all going to die. thus, determining that this will be investigated as a terror attack. >> shannon: live in flint, michigan, good morning. tell us how this all played out. >> well, shannon, good morning. the airport is open today, but as you mention, 24 hours ago, it was a much different scene, we are also getting our first look at the man who the fbi said was behind yesterday's attack. 49-year-old on more. we are told that he was carrying two bags as he once through security in the airport. he went into the bathroom and came out with a 12-inch serrated hunting knife. he yelled "allahu akbar" before yelling the officer in the neck it, and that witnesses describe
6:27 am
seeing blood everywhere, even after being stopped, the officer continued to fight him, until another officer came in and help to take him down. at that point, it he reportedly asked the officer "why didn't you kill me?" here's how one woman described the incident. >> they were taking the man into custody, he was blank. he was just totally blank. >> bill: the fbi has said the canadian citizen was motivated by a hatred of the united states, he entered the country illegally from canada last friday, made his way to flinch. canadian authorities are now assisting in the investigation as well, they carried out a raid on his home in montreal yesterday. at this point, he has only been charged with committing violence at an airport, but the fbi said that he will likely be facing additional charges as they continue to investigate. as for the officer who was attacked, we are told this morning by a colleague of
6:28 am
lieutenant neville, that he is doing fine, he is in good spirits, he is now sitting up at the hospital, and he has talking after a very scary situation. >> shannon: absolutely. so what happens next. is there a court date? >> well, he had his initial court appearance last night, and it was very brief, but according to local flint journal newspaper, he was wearing a face guard as he entered the courtroom, apparently because he had a spat on one of the u.s. marshals who is bringing him in. we are told that he is going to be held in detention here in the county jail until he has his detention hearing sometime next week. >> shannon: all right, thank you. >> bill: the homeland security director under attack, saying that situations like this are hard to prevent. >> in flint, michigan, is an example yesterday, completely
6:29 am
off the screen individual who attacked this police officer, until they do something generally speaking, the best law enforcement can do is watch. i don't know how to predict it. >> shannon: well. when that story broke yesterday, we are thinking flint, michigan? flint, michigan? so we are looking for answers. >> shannon: it's interesting that the police are not hesitating at all. based on what we have seen often, they are so hesitant to do that. they say this seems pretty clear to us this is the path we are going down. >> bill: well, they have seen the trail. one of islam's holy sites in iraq has been destroyed. a 12th century mosque, what that means for the terror group of isis, a live report coming up on that. >> shannon: big story we are watching right now, senate republicans pouring over their health care bill, the draft of it as they get ready to roll it out, governor rick scott enjoins
6:30 am
us to talk about the real impact of reform or the impact of feeling to get it done. >> for the past seven years, obamacare has continued to hurt the people we represent, the past several years, republicans have offered ideas for better reform, and soon we will finally have the chance to turn the pag page. ♪
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tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. >> bill: isis has blown up a symbolic 12th century mosque. they declared the founding three years ago. iraq's prime minister calling this official defeat of isis, he is here with more. connor. >> yeah, isis is not fully defeated yet in iraq, they still hold a few streets, but they are certainly very close to being defeated there. they did blow up this ancient and historic mosque in just the past few days, the mosque was a
6:34 am
real symbol of isis, they declared their power there, also a historically old mosque in the middle east in general. iraqi troops who are generally just a few hundred meters away from the mosque when it blew up, and they were closing in on that area, doesn't really clear why though isis destroyed this mosque. it is a place obviously where they declared the caliphate there. it doesn't really have a religious ideology except for destruction, so it appears that the sever to destroy this mosque is sort of one last destruction, one last sort of act of defiance, that isis is going to commit before they are fully defeated there. and bill, it does look like isis is on its last leg in mosul they have been rapidly losing ground there in the last few weeks and
6:35 am
months. and really once they lose thus, there isn't really much of a presence of isis and iraq is generally there. they will be of moving to syria. the two live in jerusalem for the latest there. thank you. >> shannon: at this moment, meeting for draft discussions, and the new health care plan, that will be posted online later today, the rest of us can get a look at it. they need to win a 52 g.o.p. senators, there have been a lot of secrecy surrounding me set a plan, but one thing we are learning is that this version will come dumb it cut back on the medicaid expansion, for more on this, government rick scott joins us to talk about the impact. >> nice seeing you. a >> shannon: florida did not take the medicaid expansion, now these plans they are talking about how to roll it back, a lot of people fighting to keep it, how have you handled it? they say it would be heartless
6:36 am
to not take this money. >> the most important thing to do is give people a job so that they can afford their own health care, the problem with health care is that it cost too much. for employee government. right now, basic medicaid plans, we get $14 billion from the federal government, they get $23 billion from the federal government. tell me how that is fair? so whatever they come out, they have got to treat all states fairly. we all play it dumb i pay our taxes, and they have to come out with a plan that is going to reduce the cost. so i look forward to seeing what they are going to come out with. it has to be fair to the states and drive health care cost down. if you want so right now, about $22 billion in medicaid funding, so what happens to them if this rollback? >> well, what they need to do is give us -- first off, we do the
6:37 am
expansion. so that won't impact us if they change that. what i care about is that we are treated fairly. on top of that, give us the money. i have figured out how to provide high-quality health care for less money. half the cost of new york, half the cost of new york at, we have more people on medicaid. so they should give us the money, let us figure out -- i know what it takes to figure out how to provide a high-quality product that taxpayers can afford, so give more flexibly to be safe. feel let's talk about the state where is as well. getting a pass in the house, basically it would allow to decide whether or not all insurance companies need to have all these essential health care benefits or if they can tailor things differently. they have been a lot of skepticism about getting that pass through the center. what kind of things would help you as far as giving states autonomy in making decisions? >> the thing that i care about is people who live in my state, so you should give me complete autonomy, which by the way our
6:38 am
taxpayers will pay for this, and comes back with strings attached after washington, d.c. so they should give us flexibility. whether you are on medicare, private insurance plan, i want you to have helped her. we can figure out the rules for our state, we don't need the federal government telling us how to do it. we can do less expensively, but are active, better quality. >> shannon: what you think when people say this is another quote unquote heartless part of the plan because they are backup plans, you have to have a high risk it kind of things, it hurts older people, it hurts those with conditions, it puts them in jeopardy of either not having coverage repressed beyond what they can afford. seek out first of all, it is priced beyond what they can afford right now. costs have spiraled out of control, run a group to try to stop obamacare back in 2009, we said it will spiral out of control, it is. so it is heartless when you say there is some health care here, but you can't afford it. so what we need to do is figure out how do less expensively. we have to cover previous
6:39 am
conditions, and we should. you should be allowed to be on your parents plan until you're 26, but you should be able to choose what kind of health care you want, what is the government have to tell you what you should buy? so give consumers the opportunity to choose the health care that they want. that is the problem with the democrat party. i have a super pac, and the problem is that they want government to dictate everything. we all want freedom, we all one choice. we need to go and talk about freedom, options, choice, you know, we are not for big government, we are for limited government, and it matters that people understand this. >> shannon: i know that that is aimed at the midterms that are going to be so critical, they generally aren't good for the presence and power in the white house, but we have seen in these special elections that the gap has been much closer than it would have been expected to be in many of those districts, so how do you fight step back for 2010? >> you can go to
6:40 am it talked about the issues, talk about jobs, talk about repealing and replacing obamacare, they have to do what they were elected to do, i don't care what is going on. do your job. >> shannon: 's all right, well thank you for coming in. >> bill: we are going to have much more on this next door, coming up, david bossi, former campaign manager, we will talk to him. willie president get a big win on out repealing obamacare? we'll talk about that coming up shortly. see one and a security director says that russia had no impact on ballots or votes, so does this blow and another hole in democratic efforts to try the trump administration russian modeling? >> we should have turned it back on the obama administration from day one and said are you telling us that you are so incompetent that for six months, the russians were doing something,
6:41 am
and you didn't know. i think that they don't know, they are not thatca incompetent [burke] swan drive. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> shannon: live where the vice president is speaking on capitol hill, giving a keynote address, percolating on the hill today like health care, tax reform all of that, we will listen in, if he makes is, we will let you know. >> during the campaign, i use to say that there is a total disconnect between what americans are telling us is important to them and what they are being told is important to them, and i see it again now that he is present. the media and the democrats have this russia concussion, and they have lost like the muscle memory to be able to function and any other way to talk about anything he is doing. but that doesn't mean that the people don't see it. >> bill: phrase of the day.
6:45 am
kellyanne conway's emphasis on russia, after jane johnson telling representatives that he saw no evidence of meddling. height of that wikileaks released. moments ago, president from treating this. former homeland security advisor latest official to say that there is no grand scheme between the u.s. and russia, he also said this a moment ago. by the way, if russia was working so hard on the 2016 election, it all took place during the obama administration, why did they stop them? former speechwriter, former dnc staffer good day to both of you. russian concussion. welcome to our program here. where are we on this now? >> no, i mean the narrative was always a fairy tale of the left. there was never evidence, there isn't evidence, there will never
6:46 am
be evidence. and they think that has been interesting is the major media has broadcasted this far and wide, and i think the next step is going to be obstruction. there is nothing there, and i think that trump will be cleared on all counts. the thing that is interesting to me about all of this is that these narratives, all these fairy tales are taking democrats away from very serious issues. the fact of the matter is russians did not cause them to lose all the seats. it caused the most that any party has ever had in our history. it is the it's not you it's me excuse to her, democrats have been on this fairy tale, instead of saying you know it? we might actually be doing something wrong here. >> public, what do you think about that? >> well, bill, i think that ned raises a lot a very good points, the purpose of a party as to what elections, we are not winning elections right now, and
6:47 am
i think that is the first off, i also know for a fact that the vast majority of people who are working within the democratic party as operatives and officials are young and vigorous and believe in the party and love america, so i think that right now we need to evaluate kind of who is in charge and where we are going. with you exactly. that is kind of a different topic, but let's roll out this. i think he was on with marco last time when he said this. >> not only did they not cooperate with jay johnson, they didn't turn the server over to the fbi, so i think it's a little ironic to now criticize as some democrats are, jay johnson and call me and others were not doing enough, they didn't bother to turn it over. >> bill: you also have, ned, the fact that this wasn't pursued until after election day, and he said yesterday we were notified, the story was
6:48 am
blown out of the water. what should prevent you from letting the american people now the truth in the month that followed? >> i think it's interesting yesterday was jay johnson's testimony that here you have the obama administration thing that hey, dnc, we would like to actually help you figure out what the problem is with your service, with your database, and the dnc telling the fbi now. we are not going to hand over our database and service to you, so i think that it is interesting, i don't want to say that there was anything nefarious going on, but at the same time, i thought i was one of the more interesting parts of the testimony yesterday. it kind of raises questions why didn't you want the health, why didn't you want them looking at the database and service? was there a reason for that? again, they did not want the obama administration to help them. so it does raise questions, bill. >> bill: you have admitted
6:49 am
yourself that jeh johnson has had a very interesting answer. but you are taking us in a direction that i think is getting a lot of attention now. as a democrat, do you feel there needs to be new leadership? do you feel that nancy pelosi's run is over or should end? >> i think that nancy pelosi has been one of the great democrats over time, but yes, at the end of the day, the only thing on measures the success or failure of a party is whether or not you win elections, and that is just not happening. we lost 1100 elections since obama came to power. that is just unacceptable. but i also want to clear the air really quick a little bit about what actually happened at the dnc because i think that this morning they provided a lot of contacts about what it is like to work on capitol hill. an incredibly offensive phone call that the congressman received. i think that what happened was at the dnc, according to what i
6:50 am
have heard, the fbi called, and he said listen, we hear that somebody might be hacking -- that the russians might be hacking your server, and the person who answered the phone was like okay, right, because we've gone crazy phone calls like that every single day. so it's not just the dnc -- >> bill: that changes the story. >> writes, we did not make that up. that is what hill staffers deal with, and with the dnc being a part of the capitol hill infrastructure, it is a part of the toxic nature. >> bill: i am out of time here here. that went to a place i did not expect, but will bring you back at a different time. thank you, good to have you. shannon. >> shannon: severe flooding and heavy one slamming the gulf right now, tropical storm cindy weaves its way down to mississippi. live report on the damage there, coming up next.
6:51 am
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>> shannon: tropical storm cindy making landfall near the texas louisiana border overnight, the biggest concern now heavy rainfall and potential flooding along the central gold coast, a foot of rain as possible there, even inland areas, this is a waterspout you're looking at of the mississippi coast, they say that it may develop tornadoes, just like hurricanes do. we'll see how bad is it there? >> shannon, a steady stream of rain here since the early morning hours along the coast of mississippi, we have seen almost a foot of rain in some places, that has led to some serious
6:55 am
flooding. the ground was already saturated from several days of rain, we could get three or four more inches today. where i am standing now, it is about three to 4 feet here, and it gets deeper as we go further back. as far as the fatalities go, just one so far. a10-year-old boy was killed by some debrief, rescue teams have been ready throughout the night, they haven't had to come out in the high water vehicles yet, so no water rescue operations, but we talked to a lot of people around here who say that they expect water to reach their houses in the near hour. so this may go a long way, but the real energy here is hitting mississippi hard, shannon. >> shannon: wow, these pictures really tell the story. so how are folks handling it? >> a lot of people in the low-lying areas are water people, he a lot of the houses are up on stilts, we saw a man in man in waiters just walk out and say well, i am going to be late to work today, really
6:56 am
taking this in stride, but not everyone is so well-prepared. we spoke to a woman just earlier today who just bought her house. here's what she had to say. >> i get nervous, and i just came here early, thinking maybe i could get a boat ride with one of my neighbors. >> she bought her house on tuesday, tropical storm on wednesday, not sure she has flood insurance. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: wow. thank you very much for the update. she talks about getting a boat ride, growing up in florida, many of these terms, a series of they are, sometimes you do have things like people writing on jet skis down the street to get to work or the hospital. >> bill: tough to tell what they are going to do. republicans on the hill getting their first look at the senate health care bill, what is in and what is out? we will hear from david bossie, and a doctor sebastian gorka,
6:57 am
they are both live next. top of the hour. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace.
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>> shannon: it to developing stories on the front front of the sour, first here at home, senate republicans are meeting behind closed doors right now getting ready to reveal their health care bill, we think later today, receiving growing tensions with north korea, preparing yet another nuclear test, how will we respond? welcome to a brand-new hour of 322, shannon, with bill hemmer. >> bill: alarm bells ringing right now, with the defense official telling fox news that xiang yang, foreign affairs committee, more on that. >> what we do know is that with every spare dollar and currency that they can get, and one of
7:01 am
the real questions is is it time to cut off all of that hard currency that goes into that regime? the answer is yes. >> shannon: we have fox news coverage, david bossie standing nearby, we will begin with dr. sebastian gorka, doctor, good to have you with us today. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: now we are getting word of activity, we could be gearing up for six nuclear test, in the meantime, their state run news agency posted this on the web site. sort of retaliation sharper than before, u.s. imperialist, escalating aggression. what do you make of it, doctor? >> while, the fact is that korea might remain in incredibly aggressive nation, it is
7:02 am
threatening the stability of the whole region, our partners, our allies, and this behavior has to change. we need to see behavior modification, we need to see its most powerful -- china really clamped down on this resume, because it truly is a stalinist regime, it isn't interested in peace or stability but is an anti-states, and we will not sandfort. >> shannon: seems to suggest that china has not done enough or is incapable of doing enough, what is he suggesting? what more do we need from china? >> well, look, we have seen some positive developments, we saw the turnback of the north korean culture, and that is a very important find, if you look at the reaction that came from numerous capitals off of the military action that we took in syria, the military action -- we sent a very clear message to all
7:03 am
nations that they have to be part of the solution, and if you look at the fact that north korea imports 18% of its imports from china, the power of beijing could be of assistance here, it could be very, very significant. >> shannon: i want to talk to you about what the president had to say about the loss of otto warmbier. >> you look at north korea, what's going on, look at otto, beautiful otto. went over there a healthy, wonderful boy. and you see how he came back. you see how he came back. so we've been given a bad hand. >> shannon: what do we owe them now in response? >> sorry? >> shannon: what we owe them now and responds forgiving us back there's boy like this? >> i think that this is not the obama administration, so we don't give our playbook away. that is a bad strategy, you don't show your hand, so we are
7:04 am
going to take action, as the president being necessary. let's remember one thing. there are lots of problematic nations out there, but north korea is one of the few nations in the world today that is proud of how much of a dictatorship it is, it is proud that it has labor camps, let that just sink in for a moment. and i think it is incredibly telling that otto warmbier's father over the weekend used the phrase "strategic patience" to say what the obama administration did and not acting to bring his son back, implicating the regime, it was the bumper sticker of the obama administration, and you know everybody at fox knows, that there is a new commander in chief, and we will not stand for this kind of outrageous behavior. >> shannon: i understand that the newly elected president may have a different take on the relationships, we will be expected to meet with the
7:05 am
present. we want to also ask you about this, this 800-year-old plus a mosque that was taken down, they were approaching, isis gave up, that is where they called them to a holy war, they are trying to say that the u.s. or coalition forces are the one who took on them off, what is the significance of this news? >> it is very significant because it is just one more piece of evidence on how isis isn't just targeting what they call infidels. so christians or, they are targeting anybody who disagrees with them, whether it is shiites or sunnis, and that is why it is so crucial that's the president went to the heart of the muslim world to talk to leaders for more than 50 hours and to say we understand how much of a threat to groups like isis are to you as well as to us, and we all have to come together to defeat them, so it is just another
7:06 am
piece of evidence that this is a civilizational conflict, not just against western nations, but within islam, with which one is going to win? a moderate one from our muslim arabs, such as jordan. >> shannon: thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> bill: while all that is happening, senate republicans holding a closed-door meeting on the new draft of this health care bill. we are awaiting reaction. we also know that senator majority leader mitch mcconnell will be speaking on the floor less than an hour from now. just getting were now from capitol hill. former campaign manager for the trump team, welcome back to "america's newsroom" right here. i don't know what mitch mcconnell is going to say, what if your expectation about what this will look like? >> well, you know, i think that mitch mcconnell has a really good understanding of what's a senate conference is going to be able to put together.
7:07 am
i have every confidence in the senate majority leader to work out the case in the senate on the senate side, and send the house back a bill that the president is going to be able to sign in the next few weeks. i have every confidence that the senate republicans saw what was rejected in an anti-trump, anti-republican movement in the georgia sixth race on tuesday evening. and i think that they are going to be bolstered by the fact that the american people are sending republicans over and over to help them in washington past the president's reform agenda. >> bill: let me come back to the george r, just a minute here. we have a clip from newt gingrich. before we go to that, how much involvement has the white house had in coordination with mitch mcconnell? >> you know, bill, you're asking -- i don't know exactly, but i can tell you the legislative staff led by ricky
7:08 am
dearborn, they have been doing good work trying to get a bill out of the senate, that will match the houses bill as closely as possible to have the small problem want to get back to the outside. and i think that they have done a great job, i think senator mcconnell understands the importance of this because it is going to be the jumpoff point to tax reform bill, that everyone on the republican side of the aisle believes is necessary for our economy to get started. >> bill: let me try it another way. paul ryan -- i asked him about the comment that he made about the hospital. he said that was a misinterpretation. do you know if that was the case? is that characterize correctly? >> no, look, i was out of the country and didn't hear the president's comment, but i can tell you this, we need to make
7:09 am
sure, the president's priorities are to make sure that every american has access to quality health care, and this bill shortens take or give americans fear -- anthem, one of the biggest health insurance companies in america, just pulled out of -- again, more states for next you're saying that obamacare, by doing that, obamacare is failing at every turn. and it is going to collapse down on itself. and president trump is dedicated to make sure the american health care system is a saying from obamacare, and that is what he is focused on. and i think if it takes him tweaks in the senate, the present will be perfectly happy to sign the bill. >> bill: we are waiting on that. he said this earlier today " -- count >> i think in the end, the margin of victory for people who are determined not to allow the news media and nancy pelosi and hollywood liberals to defeat donald trump in their districts.
7:10 am
and i think that was probably the margin of victory, the news media have the right, he won. >> bill: you are going there, do you believe that outcome has changed? >> bill, it certainly has strengthened that the republican backbone, because clearly the democrats spent at $25 million or so in a congressional race that you know, was marginally a republican sees, so i think that we need to look at that and be strengthened by the fact that the american voters in the majority six districts, right outside of atlanta, very much a representation of america, they sent republicans here to washington to help you agenda, president trump get his agenda through. and that is the most important thing that we take away from tuesday night, that president trump's reform agenda,
7:11 am
worse than the democrats obstruction agenda, they have no policy, all they can do is obstruct, and that is all that they are about. >> bill: we are only 36 hours removed from that, so we will see what reaction we get. sir, thank you. david bossie. also coming up here, we will talk with republican congressman, freedom, stomach stomach. >> shannon: breaking news out of afghanistan afghanistane option of sending more troops to the nation. >> bill: also, branching out beyond the russian matter, james call me, calls for the agent, what she did or did not ask of the fbi. >> if it is accurate that she
7:12 am
asked the director to refer to the investigation as a matter and not an investigation, that is the attorney general putting her finger on the scale, and doing so for political reasons, and that is what undercuts our confidence in the justice syste system.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and. >> bill: james comey leaked information that he god's in a meeting with the presence of the
7:16 am
united states, i want to make that very clear. he is taking notes, he takes those notes, take them into his government car into his government desk, which was leaked from his government death, if there was an investigation going on right now, the investigation should be james comey. >> shannon: a member of the present legal team blessing james comey for what he calls an illegal leak. meanwhile, raising his own questions, following comey's senate testimony, saying he wants an explanation from a loretta lynch on why she wanted to call the clinton email investigation and "matter." good morning to you, jordan. >> good morning, shannon. >> shannon: let's start first with the comey investigation. a lot of folks out there say listen, he admitted to the lake, he did it so nonchalantly, it almost didn't seem like a big deal to a lot of people watching, people think that
7:17 am
there is no there there. do you think that the investigation -- >> i think he does not intentionally, and we don't know. the fbi could be investigating this right now come the department of justice could afford an investigation, it could be separate from the special counsel altogether, looking at james comey as an fbi director, first of course, he admits to this, which is at least a violation of government documents, it is not leaking classified info, but it is again something you can investigate, and then there is a whole host of other articles here -- one, before he said he liked it, that also folks had been in meetings with the present, so there could be more like there, in fact, in this discussion that you look at the same reporter at "the new york times" has gotten all this info from the fbi, it is the same guy who ultimately got the leaked memo from them comey's law professor friend, so i think there is a lot investigate there, and about his investigate with attorney general lynch, why he
7:18 am
didn't stand up to her more on the matter of this investigatio investigation, and on her recusal, especially after she met with bill clinton? >> shannon: there is a full discussion that we got from him during the testimony about her referring to it as a matter, and she was worried because that was language that would track with what the clinton campaign was using. here's a little bit about what we had to say. house oversight here. >> i would love to hear her explanation of why she wanted to call an investigation a matter, i did for two decades, we never referred to it as matters, so i don't know what her point was, although i think i do know what her objective was. >> shannon: so senate judiciary committee has announced that they want a hearing on this, they want to hear from her. will we? >> you know, i don't know. her attorney will probably try to keep her from testifying, unless she feels like she can get out there and somehow spin what it jim comey said, but this is separate from just a
7:19 am
congressional inquiry. a real fbi investigation into this. one, a recusal role, with emails and conversations going back between her and the dnc chair, saying don't worry, i won't let this get to a far ahead of itself. this investigation into the hillary clinton email server, because of the flip side of everything with james call me, saying to refer to it as a matter, from a legality standpoint, that again is enough to tip the scales and then of course meeting with the candidate husband, the former presence of the united states, in phoenix, and by the way to talk to everybody, she is in charge of the u.s. attorney, so she had a like going towards her government career. and she did not step aside. and of course, to go back to jim comey, he wasn't saying it publicly at the time, but has led to a disaster i think is why the organization, why we are
7:20 am
calling for jim comey to go before the election, regardless of who the next president of the united states would be, it didn't matter to us. he needed to go. and this kind of underscores all that. >> shannon: debate between then attorney general, laura lynch, meanwhile, we could hear as early as today the reports about whether or not is going to take up this challenge, everyone has filed their briefs, we recognize that there is a secret conference today, what are the facts? >> well, there are two big factors out of this. short-term and long-term, the short term is that the department of justice and the trump administration stay on the injunction, going into force immediately, the second issue big also more long-term that the court hears the case, that would be probably in the fall, we could find out as early as today, shannon, more likely
7:21 am
monday, i still feel very confident about this, that the courts will release want to hear this case, because secondly, it is not a loss for the trump administration, is not extraordinary, but it is not the normal course of action. if they got both, obviously, it would be two major victories, still a big victory because it means that there are justices who have not yet made up their mind, on the presidential power when it comes to immigration. >> shannon: will be watching very carefully. thank you. be two breaking news on the threat of isis, u.s. and iraqi forces, terrorists may be retreating, those details in just a moment. >> shannon: plus, what is nancy pelosi's fate after the democrats lose yet another special election?
7:22 am
>> we are 5-0. they thought they were going to win at least like three, right? wouldn't you say? they don't get it. they haven't figured it out yet. you know, they are still trying to figure --
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> bill: the big story today, u.s. help putting the pressure on isis, this is northern iraq now, advancing onto that stronghold. today can we get more of this. 800-year-old mosque, u.s. and iraqi forces claiming isis destroyed that historic mosque today. u.s. army special forces, just to start with what this could mean possibly for isis and the elimination of it. >> so, bill, i think it is
7:26 am
almost ironic, it is sadly ironic that they chose to destroy this. the fact is that all by daddy, the leader of isis, however, i think this shows that as i understand it, iraqi troops were within about 50 meters of his mosque, they wanted the world to see this as a rock having taken over where they announce their caliphate, it would be a significant individual defeat. to speak to that fact i was not aware of. that is where isis claims to be their ideological heart? >> well, it was where he made his one public appearance when we have seen photos of him preaching there. but the sad thing is that they chose to do it, it happened to fall on a night of power, the most holy day within islam, it says that mohammed received the
7:27 am
quran, and this mosque was actually built for a sunni hero, who fought relentlessly against the pursuit against the west, so here we have isis, who claims to be the sole defender, who hates all things west, and they blow up a sunni holy ground, was dedicated to a guy who spent his life fighting the west. i think all this is going to do is irritate sunnis and shiites across the world, is that they just destroyed as he said in 800-year-old historical site. >> bill: shannon was talking with dr. sebastian gorka of the white house, and he was characterizing this. >> this is why it was so crucial that the president once to the heart of the muslim world, to the hijab, to talk to leaders for more than 50 hours, we understand how much of a threat this is to you, as well as us,
7:28 am
and you have to come together. >> bill: o'connor powell is reporting that isis is about to go down, and they would be potentially eliminated from iraq, which means that their operations would only be in southeastern syria, is that what is about to take place? >> so i'm going to disagree a little bit, i think with that you're still going to have at least present south and west, i think a lot of fighters have probably fled, and they are going to be going up into certain mountainous areas, i think that the kurds have done a fantastic job of trying to isolate -- it is a very hard place for them to lock down, and i think we're still going to see if kind of those hit-and-run tactics, the terror tactics will occur in that area, however, absolutely, i think the focus of the fight will then shift over, we are already there, but we will shift over to the syrian capital, essentially, vices.
7:29 am
>> bill: thank you for your insights. onward we go. in washington, d.c. >> shannon: senate republicans are behind closed doors right now, debating and getting ready to unveil their plan for health care reform. we expect to get a first look at the draft in about an hour, so how will it differ from the versions that we've had in the house, and what it means for you and your opportunities for health care? all of that coming up next. >> bill: big moment, right? breathtaking sense you to see to believe. that guy is going to be their life. wow. ♪ ♪ dynamic performance, so you can own the road. track-tuned handling, so you can conquer corners. aggressive-styling, so you can break away
7:30 am
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7:33 am
their deliberate efforts over the last few months. before the summer is out, working with the congress, president donald trump is going to keep our promise to the american people, and we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. it [cheers and applause] be too that was from just a short time ago, will be unveiled about 30 minutes for now. majority leader mitch mcconnell will speak before the senate, 11 eastern time, so we'll be waiting for news on that. republicans now, they have got a big moment. it dr. marc siegel standing by now, it will be new and different. we are going to bring in congressman mark sanford first. she talked about all this is a ghost town. sir, good morning to you. >> bill: i don't know what you know, but what can you tell us? >> there are slight differences between the house version and the senate version, for instance on this notion of community
7:34 am
ratings. pushed by conservatives in the house was this idea of allowing insurance to be insurance, allowing states to have flexibility in terms of what they offer, apparently that is going to be more curtailed in the senate version, that is what we have heard. there will be if expansion -- a lot of conservatives are worried about this idea of continued medicaid expansion, apparently that is going to be more robust that it was in the house version, and finally, there is the issue of the tax subsidies, it was curtailed down to it, and apparently what we are hearing as it would be less open to income and a variety of other variables. so i don't fully know what is coming out of this yet, what i do know is that health care reform is vital when you talk about people in the county so they represent. >> bill: i respect the fact that you don't have all the details, and neither to be, but any worldview can't always get what you want, can you support
7:35 am
this to get it done? >> well, i wouldn't want to give you a blank check right now, without all the deals as of knowing what is in it, but in concept, he asked, because what i think is important are two things. one is curtailing this idea of a federal mandate that requires you to buy a product in a way that has never been before required. and i would say secondly what we have is in terms of cost structure and availability, and south carolina, we have gone from three providers down to one in the last number of months, insurance premiums escalating by 29% last year, we look at a lot of other states throughout the country, when insurance may be available, but it is a mirage. it's not affordable, it's not available in your county. so what i say is for small businesses out there, this is choking them to death, for people in the individual marketplace, is choking them to death, and i'm going to be open to change. >> bill: so i will put you
7:36 am
down as they may be. >> well probable, how about that? but they may be. >> bill: so could you drag other conservative members of the house along with you to go probable? >> conservatives are independen independent, the idea of liberty being a big benchmark, so again, i say we will have a conversation with mark meadows and the like, get their take on the bill, i will be responsible for my votes, they will be responsible for theirs. the two thank you, sir. we appreciate that, marc siegel now, professor of medicine, nyu, a member of fox's medical team. good morning to you. you have been waiting for this. what can he reports that will be making a different sort of making it better? >> well, here's what we have been hearing so far. we don't have all the details yet, but it is going to stick to the idea that the mandates are gone, as a practicing physician,
7:37 am
we love that because nobody likes the idea of patients being forced to buy a product that doesn't necessarily give them the care that they are being promised. no doctor as ever like that, most patients don't like that, what the conservatives like about this bill from what we are hearing is that the taxes that the obamacare taxes will be gone, and eventually, the medicare expansion will be gone, so bill, it will be kept for three years, in the end, it will be tied to medicare growth rate, many of those seats will have the ability to cut back on medicaid dollars. >> bill: this is very interesting. this is new stuff. apparently there are some members of the senates who wants a longer period. >> exactly, it will be completely gone seven years, but the full boat is for three years. the only thing that is changing here, president trump's point about heart comedy subsidies are changing from what we are hearing. the subsidies that people get will be tied to their income,
7:38 am
100% to 400% of the parlin, and you fell into that medicaid extension group previously, instead of being out on the street, you'll get a subsidy to pay for your premium, based on your lower income. so they're going to target lower income people who might have been left out. >> bill: so summarize all of this then as doctor to patient. is this a better way of doing health care in america? >> it is a better way because it takes away the mandates, takes with forcing people to buy products, what i don't like is it's not offering enough of an alternative, and said from the beginning, where as a catastrophic option? working people go to buy something that will cover hospitals in the event of an emergency or cover them in the event of an emergency but isn't loaded up with all of these things that they may not need? >> bill: you make a lot of interesting points, and we'll see see what is revealed in a matter of minutes. thank you, and thanks to
7:39 am
marc siegel. >> shannon: 's crime wave is sweeping across mexico, making their murder rates there the worst in decades. what do we know, william? >> well, mexico is now the second deadliest country in the world, after only syria, shanno shannon. they are in a civil war, mexico's violence is attributed to only one thing:drugs. a few years ago, it seemed like we are doing the story every week, corrupt cops, every time you take out one, and another would emerge. took a left hard-line view, violence subsided, but now it is back. the capture of cartel leader and others, the turf wars return. they are fueled largely by the u.s. heroin epidemic. mexico saw a record of 2,186 murders in may, 30% more than
7:40 am
last year, and see most in two decades. the highest rate of violence is in guerrero, the country's opium county. 90% of our heroin, just 10% from a few years agogo. under lourdes are fighting to replace him, jump and killing, almost 400% was in baja. most of the violence is among criminals, it does breed corruption and fear, it goes into tourist areas, like combo in cancun, leads to extortion and kidnapping. there were three tourists in veracruz who were attacked. back to you. >> bill: so we are looking at over 25,000 fatalities every year. >> shannon: thank you very much. >> bill: leadership of the party, what is the fate of nancy pelosi? she is expected to face plenty
7:41 am
of questions on the topic next. we will watch it for you here. >> one of the problems that democrats have right now is to tell us what are they for? we know what trump is for, he is far more jobs, he is for better trade deals, he is for lower taxes, what are democrats for? they are primarily against all of those things
7:42 am
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all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. >> shannon: we are waiting house minority leader nancy policing, we will take you ther there. she is taking criticism from within her own ranks of democratic election losses pilo pilot. president trump also hitting democrats, saying their strategy is only resulting in failure. speak out their plan isn't working, because they thought they were going to win last night, in atlanta. they thought they were going to win. and they have been unbelievably nasty, really nasty, and they
7:45 am
thought -- they spent close to $30 million on the campaign. they forgot to live in the community that they are in, you know. >> shannon: we will keep an eye on that press conference, in the meantime, contributed for the "washington examiner" and a fox news contributor, marjorie, former consultant to the campaign manager, good morning to you both. all right, we'll start with this reach from the present. i certainly hope the democrats do not force nancy pelosi out, that would be very bad for the republican party, and please let crying a truck say. i'm guessing you are in favor of that strategy as well? >> look, nancy pelosi -- republicans used are, republicans also did it to democrats in 2010, i was at the are in d.c., she is more of an embodiment of the democratic party with than they would like to let on, two-thirds of the
7:46 am
party either comes from california or the east coast for the west coast, you get one-third coming from states like massachusetts, new york, in california, but she is singularly responsible for what we have seen throughout the obama presidency, and even last election, republicans lost the white house, defendant, historic losses on a state level, as well, and you even look at the dnc numbers that they just posted for may, it is the worst fundraising on record since 2003, i think there is some scapegoating by the democratic party going on here. >> shannon: we have got also this morning, a democrat out of new york here, kathleen bright, saying this, nancy pelosi was a great speaker, but her time has come and gone, marjorie, are you ready for some new leadership? >> well, i think that both parties are somewhat in an identity crisis at this time, and i think what we're trying to do is take the temperature of the country, where do people stand? and i think what is interesting is that he did run much more
7:47 am
moderate, and there are a lot of states where there are more moderate democrats, and she has been very progressive. and so i think that everyone it is always about who is the young -- paul ryan is that person the republican party, and i think there is the big question about who is that's in the democratic party? i think what was a feeling about him was that he would didn't necessarily come from within the political institution, he was young, and he was moderate, so how it ends up playing out, i don't think that scapegoating on one person is fair, i don't think that scapegoating the entire republican party on trumpets for, so i think we have to figure out really on both sides of the aisle, what is it that both people care about, and democrats need to find a new message -- who are they? what do they stand for? that is absolutely critical, but i would caution, we should never judge one election of the tea leaves for what is to come. and i think that republicans were saying that too, going into
7:48 am
this, so will be interesting to see again how those parties galvanize that energy. >> shannon: we have more, since the last election, and if you want to look at the house election, going back, most of them have not gone so well under nancy pelosi's leadership, i think with one exception. he says it is not a devastating blow to democrats, despite raising 25 million, he couldn't win in a heavily republican district, but this was a wake-up call for liberals, who think that the are on the track to win the house next year, that could prove to be a mirage. senator sanders, many others say it is time for this party to get in touch and shake things up. >> yeah, and i think people sort of inaccurately are looking at the republican party, if you look at the democratic party, likability of president obama, they have been losing on the federal and state level, in 2010, 2014, when we won back the house, we won back the senate, i
7:49 am
think there are very few people who could come together the coalition that president trump was able to win, and a lot of people just attribute that to these rural areas, that president trump also won the suburbs by 5%, even outperformed met romney in suburbia as well, so i would caution the democratic party to think that somehow president trump that his presidency is going to wait on the republican party, we have not seen any evidence of that today, i do caution looking too far into special elections, i remember working that as i mentioned at the nrdc, you know, they are special for a reason, there is something going on that they need to figure out, that is much bigger than nancy pelosi, and they've got a big problem going on here. >> shannon: we are looking at that empty podium now, lisa, marjorie, great to have you both on this morning.
7:50 am
the two a another big event on the hole, mitch mcconnell is going to be on the floor in about 10 minutes from now, he is going to address any changes that they want to make to health care in america. what is in and what's not? how are the details going to go over not just for lawmakers and republicans on the senate and house side, but also how americans take this is as well. so we are waiting on all of that, and i would expect nancy pelosi to likely begin her remarks on the health care -- this will be, however, the first time that we have heard from her and what is it? 36 hours now, since the result in georgia, there are democrats now speaking publicly and locally about looking for new leadership. >> shannon: they are. they aren't saying that anymore behind closed doors, they are saying it publicly, and we wait to hear from her, there is the empty podium, we expect her soon.
7:51 am
b2 will be back on both of these, right after this commercial break. here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> bill: minority leader of the house now before the microphone, we are waiting on comments on health care and also a reaction to the vote in georgia from tuesday night, there were questions within the democratic circles as to her leadership, and we are going to see in a moment how she dresses that. in the meantime, we do have some details now from republicans in the senate though what their bill would do. these are the points that republicans are stressing out. stabilize the collapsing insurance markets, free the american people from the obamacare mandates, and prove the affordability of health insurance, state access to care for americans with pre-existing conditions, and then strengthen
7:55 am
medicare for those states that need greater flexibility, while ensuring those who rely on the program do not have the rug pulled out from underneath them. this is certain to get to a lot of reaction, not just from nancy pelosi, but from the democrats and republicans alike on the house side, but before that happens, mitch mcconnell's going to be out on the floor of the senate, is going to happen about 4 minutes from now, so we will get his first reaction to what he has been talking about with his republican colleagues and also what sort of interface there has been at the white house. >> shannon: it looks like we will be overseeing the earliest draft -- medicaid, if that will phase out in 2021, 2024, big thing for a number of republicans and democrats alike, the state waivers that were so controversial, they are going to be a part of the senate deal as well, allowing them to opt outs, with many provisions, there are some things that house members
7:56 am
said they needed to seize. >> bill: very important stuff. the mandates will be out, i thought it was interesting, hearing from mark sanford, the republican from south carolina, about the house freedom caucus. when we asked them to be in the segment, a "yes" or "no," i will put you down as it may be, he said no, you can put me down as probable. that is very intriguing as they go forward on this, is he now bending and some of his demands that should be in the bill and to accept the fact, as i stated, you can't get everything you want all the time, there has to be some sort of middle ground, just seeing him waver on that i thought was very interesting. >> shannon: it goes back to your interview with the senator yesterday, he has been knee-deep in the debates, he said people will end up with a choice, so it will make conservatives have to think twice, into that response, the freedom caucus told us yesterday, mark meadows.
7:57 am
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>> bill: she just brought up the georgia and described it as proud, having the race to be as tight as it was. >> shannon: there were some good news and therefore democrats. >> bill: we have to run. bye-bye. the >> jon: fox news alert, we are awaiting comments from the majority leader mitch mcconnell, we expect he will address the g.o.p. health care bill on the senate floor. until he does so, we also want to listen to house minority leader, nancy pelosi. she is holding her weekly press conference and also talking about the health care bill as it comes out of the senate. let's listen in. >> single-digit five and below for some. these are opportunities for


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